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Why are Video to MP3 Converters So Popular?

You may think that with the launch of YouTube Premium, video to MP3 converters would take a hit. This, however, doesn’t seem to be the case, and YouTube download sites are still well and thriving.

In this article, we look at how music download sites compare to the newly launched YouTube Premium, and how video to MP3 services continue to enjoy popularity among users.

The Choice of Free vs Paid           

Although YouTube Premium – the successor of YouTube Red, which was launched in 2015 – does offer offline videos and doesn’t bother you with ads, it’s still a paid service that many simply won’t be able to afford.

YouTube Premium has yet to do away with music download sites, which to this day continue to remain a popular way to download music onto your phone or other mobile devices.

The reasons why it’s unlikely for video converters to go out of fashion are many. At least, for now.

Some of these reasons have to do with availability, other reasons can be explained with the fact that video to MP3 converters are by and large free.

While YouTube Premium comes with a ton of features like an ad-free experience, option to view videos offline, background play, and YouTube Originals, at $11.99/month, many will choose the free services of online video converters without a second thought.

The access to YouTube Music that comes with the Premium subscription is also a nice perk and it allows you to listen to music without ads, listen to music in the background while opening other apps, and to download music/playlists to your phone for offline listening.

Besides being a paid service, it’s also not available in every country, so that’s another reason why video converters may still take the lead in some countries.

It’s true that YouTube Premium and YouTube Music are both a more convenient and a 100% legal way to download music to your devices, but online converter tools aren’t that inconvenient to use either – most of the time all it takes is to copy a link into a field and click on a convert button.

Ultimately, the choice comes downs to free vs paid, and many will favor a free service any time of day.

What’s the Future of Video to MP3 Converters?

It’s not likely that they’ll disappear, even though they are in a somewhat legally grey area because you are not allowed to use them to download or convert copyrighted YouTube materials.

Even so, there are no instances of users being prosecuted for the videos they decide to convert or download via these services.

There have been cases, however, when YouTube download sites have been forced to shut down because of a lawsuit launched by the music industry.

Then there is the lobby of digital rights groups that stand up for video to MP3 download sites arguing that they provide a legitimate business and they cannot be held accountable for the actions of those who use their site for illegitimate purposes.

YouTube Premium will certainly gain a lot of ground and will become very popular, but until it continues to remain a premium service, there will always be a need for YouTube download sites.